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Last year my mom thought that would be really important for my future to learn English, and that is why I became an exchange student. When they gave me the location where I was going to spend a year, I searched it in Google maps… I was scared, a little town that barely appears in the map and so different from the city where I lived.

I had never imagined how much Arthur could teach me, but after 10 months that happened faster than I wished, I love Arthur and if it was my decision I would stay without doubt. I love all the football games, I love to work at concessions, I love all the bus trips (even when they are far ways…), I love to cheer for the wolves, I like seeing the little kids play in the streets, I like morning practice (even if I love sleeping) and then get in the car just to go to the store, I love that you can eat in class, I love having practice after school, I love dancing with my team before a game, but most of all, I love all the memories that I take back.

The day we got stuck in the snow after going to watch a Nebraska basketball game; the day Mrs.Wilson told us she was "Ready to pop"; the day Taylor "fell" in the stairs and made Heather and Mrs. Wilson believed she was bleeding, prom and after prom with all the bounce houses, the trip to Lincoln with Brenna and Peyton for our Spanish thing; The boys districts that we dress like super heroes and Georgie and I made the Gingeraffe, our district with the boys dress as the beach theme; the day Mrs.Gorwill, Mrs.Wilson, Mr.Kupper, Mr.Messersmith, Mrs.Rose and Mrs.Store dance for us to get bumped for the NCCA test; Christmas: watching all the movies and the moment we all opened the secret Santa gifts, that felt like family; the homecoming week decorating, dressing up and just having fun; the day working at the trebuchet competition, when it broke; the track meet when Brenna, Alex and I danced in the middle of the field; Maddi and Shania dancing to Holy and Mr.Messersmith; our singing in the rain before the games; my days drawing everybody in Kupper's board, our branding, the day Mrs.Cosman beat all of us at tripoli; the lunch at Mrs. Anderberg house; State speech was a blast, the day that we had to open a frog for science; my birthday at school and my surprise party, one act play with all our makeup and our messing up with the lines and in the stage; the first volleyball scrimmage when I hit the ball with my head; when they made our big faces that still in Mrs.Wilson's room, the day we went to Kearny to watch Lexie sing and Taylor, Gage and I brought the ugliest sweaters ever; Brenna and I singing really loud in the way to a game and the boys telling us to please stop, Georgie and Gunner teaching me "Herbie" the husker or that day I went to the lake with Austin, Edwin, Idwin and Gage, and the hundred times that I said a word wrong and make everybody laugh, they are going to make a book of "Paula's speaking". These are only a few of the memories that this year has given me, and they are all thanks to Arthur´s community.

One of my favorite memories is after Bria's rodeo. We went to the bar, it was full as I have ever seen it, there was a guy playing country music, and the couples were dancing, I danced too, and I told my mom the next day, "Mom I danced with my English teacher" and I had so much fun! But I know I am never going to dance again with my English teacher and I am never going to find a community like Arthur, where parents are teachers, teachers are coaches and coaches are friends.

That is why I want to thank Arthur for teach me such great things in life, I became a better person since I have been here.

First place I want to thank the school for accept me this year and I want to say good job, this school is teaching the kids moral things and push each one of them to become better.

I want to thank all of the teachers, staff and coaches, Mrs.Gorwill, Mrs.Wilson, Mr.Neeidam, Mrs.Channer, Mr.Channer, Mrs.Cosman, Mrs.Miller, Mr.Cullinan, Mrs.Thompson, Mrs.Rose, Holy, Bill,Michelle,Mrs. Anderberg , Mr.Messermith, Heather, Ed, Mrs.Storer, and Mrs.Storer, Mr.Schaeffer, Terria, Tammie and specially to Mr.Kupper that had help me being my teacher, coach and listener. All of you will be my favorite teachers forever!!!

I want to thank my team, I'm so glad I got to play with all of you, I'm so proud of you all and I know next year you are going to get what you deserve girls, you practice hard and no matter what you push yourselves: Georgie, Maddi, Sariah, Shania, Mallory, Lexie, Taylor (good luck in college!!) and Peyton and Brenna for being there where I need it. Good luck to each one of you next year, I will be watching your games all the way to state, and I will cheer really loud from Spain. I love you girls!

I want to thank all the people in this school, for making my days during 10 months, thank you! Tanna, Kelsey, Edwin, Michael,Idwin, Ben,Alex, Isaac, Corbin, Bria. Morgan,Gunner and Austin (my sweet husband hhahahah) I hope the best for all you in college. And especially to my sophomore class, Gus, Gage, Corey, Shaun (Biffi) Josh and Dalton. You guys made me laugh every day.

And to the boy's team, good luck next year, I loved to cheer for you and to watch your games, kick butts next year guys and thank you for cheering me up when I needed it. You are the reals MVPs! Love you all!

I thank to the Junior high kids and encourage them to keep learning and look up to the high school kids that have a lot to teach you: Piper, Colten, Kylee, Trevan, Maddi, Katie Emma, Sheridan, Skyler, Savanna Tyson, Wayce and Keyse. And to the cute kindergarten kids that every time they saw me, they gave me a hug!!!

I thank everyone in Arthur that has been part of this awesome experience, like Lisa, Audra, Ija, Sheila and all of the Arthur people that have been so nice to me this year! It is impossible not to smile while talking to anyone in this town!

And last but not least, Jason, Kari, Gage and Lexie (well Norman and Macy too) for giving me a home not only a house, for put up with me and my craziness and for being my family for this 10 months, and now you will be forever. One day Kari asked me: "Aren't you glad you end up in this family instead of a normal one?" She was joking about all the weirdness that we have around, but yeah I can't be gladder I end up in this awesome family, thank you. I love you momma K, Dad Jason, Gageo the bro and sexy Lexie sister.

All of you light up my days! I know I'm just one of the must exchange student that have been here, but I want to say this town gave me everything I needed, have taught me a lot of things, and to the next exchange students I want to tell them, that they are the luckiest person in earth for having the opportunity of spend a year in a "little Nebraska town".

I'm going to miss each one of you like crazy, and I'm already raising money to be able to come back as soon as possible. I guess I am a small cornhusker town girl now!

With love.
Paula, the "E"Spanish girl.

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