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Are you a student wanting to come participate in an exchange program in the United States? The first step is understanding how most Americans behave and the education system in the United States. Learn more about the American culture and what to expect.

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Are you flexible and willing to adapt to another life and country? Are you interested in attending school in another country? This program is designed to submerse a student in a new language and culture in hopes they learn how to make independent and responsible decisions. SAI is proud to offer the following outbound exchange programs in many countries like Austria, Brazil, China, and Denmark to name a few.

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Private School
There are several opportunities that foreign students can take advantage of while attending a US private school on an F-1 Visa. No matter what country a student calls their home, the F-1 visa opportunity opens the door to a whole new world in education. The students' academic achievement, interests, and future goals are what makes SAI's private school program unique.

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Model School Policy
Current events clearly show how much more interconnected all of us are to the whole world. This gives schools ever more impressive reasons for accepting international exchange students enthusiastically and using them as resources to broaden student and community perspectives on the world.

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Want to be an Exchange Student?
Student Trips

SAI relies on local contacts across the United States for placement, supervision and direct contact with all of our students, host families and schools.

Our Representatives

Our Student American International representatives provide ongoing support for SAI students and their host families, and as such, are key to the SAI support network.

Billy Arkansas Experience: 25+ years Funny, caring, organized, popular with the students, raised as a host brother, now a host father.
Kim South Carolina Experience: 9 years Fun, easy going, high energy, very involved with all students, organized.

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Our Students

Meet our students and decide if you'll be the loving host family to bring the world closer together for an exchange student.

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