Our Representatives

Our Student American International representatives provide ongoing support for SAI students and their host families, and as such, are key to the SAI support network.

Barb  Loc: Nebraska Experience: 15+ Years Barb works with SAI in Nebraska for over 15 years plus she has many more years in exchange. Barb works with lots of kids every year but always seems to make time to be one of the most hands on local contacts SAI has. Barb is a huge asset to exchange as a whole.
Billy  Loc: Arkansas Experience: 25+ years Funny, caring, organized, popular with the students, raised as a host brother, now a host father.
Donita  Loc: Nebraska Experience: 25+ years Donita is considered by the SAI organization to be the poster child for the perfect representative.
Jane  Loc: Oklahoma Experience: 10+ Years Jane is a local contact in Oklahoma who works with a small number of students every year on a vet personal level. Jane is a strong advocate for students and exchange. She and her husband have hosted too many students to count and have established wonderful relations around the world
Kim  Loc: South Carolina Experience: 9 years Fun, easy going, high energy, very involved with all students, organized.
Pat  Loc: Arkansas Experience: 25+ years Strongest student advocate, passionate about exchange, lived all over the world, very giving, involved in community and church.
Renee  Loc: Nebraska Experience: 12 years Fun, easy going, entertaining, positive, energetic, loveable.
Sharon  Loc: Arkansas Experience: 25+ years Talkative, open minded, helpful, philanthropic, involved heavily in the community.
Terri  Loc: Nebraska Experience: 25+ years There is no one that has more knowledge of the exchange programs, students feelings and host parent relations.
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SAI relies on local contacts across the United States for placement, supervision and direct contact with all of our students, host families and schools.