F-1 Private School Program

The F-1 visa private school program was developed to meet the needs of students who are academically motivated and would like to possibly achieve a high school education in the United States for 1 or more years. This program is available for students ages 14-18 and that have not yet completed their high school education in their home country. There are several opportunities that foreign students can take advantage of while attending a US private school on an F-1 Visa. No matter what country a student calls their home, the F-1 visa opportunity opens the door to a whole new world in education. SAI has developed a private school program that focuses on the individuality of each student. The students' academic achievement, interests, and future goals are what makes SAI's private school program unique.

Program Facts:

  1. Students 14 to 18 1/2 years old.
  2. SAI provides each student with an I-20 form in order to obtain a student visa.
  3. SAI chooses only qualified US private high schools.
  4. Private schools are chosen based on individual academic and personal needs of the student, not the location.
  5. Students can attend a private high school for 10 months or 12 months.
  6. SAI provides host families with similar interests of the student and who are familiar with the private school program.

Program Choices:

Odd Academic School Year

  • Twelve months- Begins in January and ends in December.
  • Two week summer camp. (Chosen by SAI but optional for the student)

Regular Academic School Year

  • Ten months- Begins in August and ends in June.

*SAI encourages all Odd Academic year students to attend one of the summer camps. (Chosen by SAI)

Program fees includes the following:

  • Qualified host family
  • Documents needed for student visa
  • Enrollment in a private school
  • School tuition
  • School lunch for 1 year
  • Medical insurance
  • Monthly supervision
  • 24 hour emergency contact
  • Travel opportunities

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