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Dear Cherie,

Now more than one week has passed since our little son returned back home from his great adventure. Please excuse me that this mail takes several days to be written and please excuse my bad English. I hope, that in face of this handicap it is nevertheless possible to read between the lines. ;-)

But now, let me talk about sunshiny things and Alex' safely arrival: During the last days before Alex arrived, we have prepared a great welcome-back-party for him and placed pictures of you - his oversea family - in his new chamber. We cooked and baked a lot of his favorite dishes. The whole (patchwork) family was involved, we were very busy, but the last two days seems to me to be longer than the previous 5 month. Finally he arrived. He wore a suite and a tie and has become a young man. I was completely surprised - not only because he has grown up. Alex beamed with pride, looked self-conscious but humble. All those attitudes made him a young man now – he wasn't’t until he leaves us. And this is your merit.

He is full of love for your family and open-minded for other cultures ... and he talks about it with happiness and sadness in his voice. I am very proud of him and very very thankful that Alex have had the chance to meet you! Thanks to this, we are as lucky as can be. As you see and as you can read – my English is very poor – but to hear Alexander talking in English is such a fun!! I have never doubt, - Alex was at the right place. And he wishes nothing more than staying in connection with you and your children and his friends. Certainly, we all would be very happy if sometimes we would meet each other. Until this happens let me say, that you and your family is more then welcome to visit us!! And this is true. Thank you again for all the wonderful memories that Alex can keep in his mind and in his heart.

Love to all of you,

I wish to you and your children all the best and I don't worry because of your large-heartedness and wonderful device at facebook, that at same times make me smile and move myself to tears. Love my family and children both at home and overseas. I have been blessed with the family I have. No one should be this fortunate to have what I have with family and friends. I don't know why I have been but will never take it for granted.

PD Dr. Angelika Wollstein

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