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Student American International's mission is to promote the idea that we can help make the world a more peaceful place if we recognize the differences between various cultures, and work to understand and celebrate those differences, person to person. Through its academic home-stay program, students, host families, schools and communities learn about one another's differences and similarities. SAI believes that as generalities and stereotypes give way to real people, participants are able to see beyond ethnic, racial, religious and cultural differences to establish relationships based on understanding and acceptance.

SAI was established as an outgrowth of friendships made during first hand exchange experiences. The President, Melissa Polos, has been involved in exchange at all levels. She was an exchange student several times, a host parent, a Local Representative, a Regional Director, and has managed SAI since its inception in 1996.

Our Representatives

Our Student American International representatives provide ongoing support for SAI students and their host families, and as such, are key to the SAI support network.

Jane Oklahoma Experience: 10+ Years Jane is a local contact in Oklahoma who works with a small number of students every year on a vet personal level.
Donita Nebraska Experience: 25+ years Donita is considered by the SAI organization to be the poster child for the perfect representative.
Billy Arkansas Experience: 25+ years Funny, caring, organized, popular with the students, raised as a host brother, now a host father.

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Student Trips

SAI relies on local contacts across the United States for placement, supervision and direct contact with all of our students, host families and schools.


Meet our students and decide if you'll be the loving host family to bring the world closer together for an exchange student.

Liam Germany Gender: Male Program Duration: Academic Year Religion: Catholic Interests/Activities: Stunt Scooter; Fitness Training; Trampoline; American Football; Baseball Dad-IT specialist, mom-nanny and housewife, 1 old sibling, church occas, pets ok
Lonneke Maria The Netherlands Gender: Female Program Duration: Academic Year Religion: None Interests/Activities: rugby; american footbal; swiming (waterpolo); martial arts; wrestling Dad - after sales mgr, mom teacher, church occ, 1 old, 1 younger sib, 10 year experienced horse rider, big into sports and cross fit
Claire Marie Germany Gender: Female Program Duration: Academic Year Religion: Protestant Interests/Activities: Field Hockey; Track and Field; Classical dancing; Going to the movies; Fitness Training Dad -lawyer, mom - teacher, 2 younger siblings, very large extended family, sings in school choir, has mild allergy to cats, dogs OK, church occasionally.